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the squiggy sewing series

squiggy's place

ive decided to do a series on sewing.. so here goes.. im not an expert i dont pretend to be one.. watch and learn with me

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scrunchy hair lacer video with a talk about hair friendly fabrics

here is a video on how to make a hairlacer (no its not sewn but i didnt want to split it into 2 videos)and its also a video for learning to make a scrunchy.. at the end of the video is a short section on fabric choices for making hair related things.. i hope you all enjoy it.. if you are from LHC please feel free to contact me about these videos on the boards.. ill be sure to answer all your questions and ill be happy to consider any suggestions you may have for me..

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ok so i bought a dress last year online that turned out to be WAY too big.. so i decided to make it fit by adding tiebacks.. ive never done anything like this before so what you are looking at is my first attempt.. which means that if i can do it without any practice you can.. i sort of made it up as i went along..

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ok so here is a combination video.. in this video i will show how to recycle a silk skirt from a thrift shop into a silk pillowcase.. at the end i will show how to have a velvet snood .. i have also added instructions for altering the pattern for longer hair.. i show 2 different snoods that i made using the same technique.. but remember when you make your own stuff you can customize the design.. i myself am tinkering with the idea of using satin to make a lining for my black snood..


click the thumbnail^^ to see how to alter the snood pattern for different hair lengths.. its color coded for easiness