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dangle hairstick instructions

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you will need a 12inch long dowel rod
dollar store earrings (optional)
needlenose pliers
sandpaper course and fine
poly spray

ok first cut your dowel into two 6 inch long segments

now sharpen your dowels with sandpaper... it took me a while to do this because carol duval had a woman on her show today that was making hair accessories from polimer clay... oops getting offtrack...
after the dowels are good and sharp sand them with the fine grit paper until they are butter smooth

now its time to drill the holes in the ends.. be careful to get the hole dead center.. im not very good at that.

no the sticks are not really green... there was something green on the tv at the time and so the wood reflected the green light

ok now tke the pushpins and stick them through the back of some cardboard or in my case 3 paper platesthe spikes should be sticking through the top of the cardboard. take the sticks and stick them so they are standing upright with the spikes in the holes that we just drilled. like this

now stain them whatever color you want with whatever colorant you want.. i used wood stain gel that i found in my house... it must have been my moms from before she moved out. wait for the colorant to dry. then spray with poly spray let it dry 15 minutes then spray it again... wait 1 hour before handling. mine seldom need any sanding between poly coats or more than 2 coats to be silky smooth.

now its time to gather up the rest of the materials. bend sections of wire so that there is a small loop at the end... i actually bought the wire in pre looped sections in the jewelry section of my local craft store.

also you may notice that there is a set of earrings in the picture.. i bought these earrings at a 99 cent store. they will become the dangles. make sure the dangles look good next to the beads you are using. string the beads onto the wire

im sorry that this pic is blurry its supposed to show me glueing the beaded wire into the drilled hole.

make sure that you use enough glue to get a good seal.

let the glue harden keeping the sticks standing up.. i stuck mine into some xmas bead garland.

now take your dollar earrings and detach them from the earloop thingys there should just be a jumpring holding it on... open the jumpring and use it to fasten the dangles to the loop at the end of your stick. make sure to close the jumpring tightly so that the dangles dont fall off.

and now the final steps.. put your hair up with your new hairsticks and post some pics... i had to use my styling head on this one because my head moves too much to capture the dangles.

it could also look like this i was short on beads when i made this tutorial and i had gone to the wrong dollar store for the earrings