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spiral stick

squiggy's place

this a supplimentary lessen for those who have completed carved hairstick 1

you will need:
***a half inch thick by 36 inch long dowel. (i will explain later why the long ones are better than the short bagged ones)
***a thin cylindrical rasp file thingy
***a few other rasps... i use a tool that's 4 rasp file thingys in one
***coarse medium and fine sanding paper.
***320 or higher grit sandpaper... i use 320 because no stores around me carry higher grits.
***some kind of saw... i use a coping saw that i bought for a few bucks at home depot.
***gloss poly spray... i'm using design masters brand
***your hands... lol
***liquid watercolors or wood stain
***permanent marker

ok so measure out your stick... mark all the way around with perminant marker. with this stick im not really giving you measurements because you already know the basics from the carved stick page and only you know how long a stick is right for your hair. so lets begin.


ok now take your cylinder type rasp file thingy and SLOWLY carve out the areas that i've shown in the picture, turning the dowel as you carve to get it even on all sides. with the 36 inch dowel you can hold it still mostly with your feet while one hand turns it and the other hand carves. now i'm sure that you noticed that i outlined the edge of the area that's going to be shaved down completely..that is to keep that edge a clean line which you can't really do with the bigger rougher rasp thingys. remember to follow the lines carefully and go slow. you dont actually need to have the top of the stick look like mine you can be creative with the top on this one really make it your own. and because i want you to be creative im not posting pictures of the steps for carving the top... ok i forgot to take the pictures, you got me.


now slowly shave down the stick part until its a bit thicker than your average hairstick with the bigger rasp file thingys. be sure to turn the dowl as you shave it down so its even... usually uneveness is hid really well by the spirals but still try to get it as even as possible.


now its time to draw the spirals... make 2 dots on each side of the dowel by the top where the spirals start. make sure they are on the exact oposite side from each other... now slowly draw the spirals one at a time with PENCIL pencil pencil pencil. use the first spiral as a guide for the second spiral to keep them parrallel
 just keep trying until you get them the way you want them.. then go over the lines in marker


go really slow and carve out the spirals with the cylindrical rasp file thingy. go really slow with this part and dig the spirals pretty deep.  at the very ends of the spirals carve then especially deep so that when you sharpen the stick the spirals will still be visible


sand down the sharp corners of the spirals with sandpaper


sharpen to a point with course sandpaper then smooth everything out with fine paper...


 saw off the hairstick from the big piece of wood. shave down the top to be a sort of rounded cone shape and smooth the edges of the lines we carved into the top... sand eveything with fine grit and then stain and shine up your creation the same way as you did with the first stick under the carved hairstick 1 section of this website... here is what mine looks like... im not too happy with it but thats what happens when you rush to get something done. sorry about forgetting to take more pics...


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