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denim slide instructions

squiggy's place

a 45 minute (or less if you use a blowfryer) project

You need:

Thick denim

Stiffy fabric stiffener

Paint brushes

Iron on patches

Acrilic paint

Cylindrical object



Cut out the shape you want the slide to be out of the denim… I used a pair of my brothers old jeans.


now saturate the denim with stiffy and smooth out the excess.


allow the denim to dry on a cylindrical object

don’t pick at it too much as its drying.


now use your iron to attach the patches to the denim… do not use steam.

Bend the stiff denim back into the desired shape



now cut a hole in each end so that a stick will fit through the hole…

paint a border around the edges of the slide.


sharpen a dowel at both ends and sand it smooth

put up your hair


instead of iron on patches why not paint the whole slide?

Use paint stamps?

Attach jewels?

Be creative!!