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here is my heidi braid tutorial for long hair.

this is a modified version of the style as hair gets too long at some point to do it the normal way. 


a random video of how i brush my hair from the back, yes its frizzy in the video.. its frizzy because i had just taken it out of my sleep braid


here is how to undo a sleep braid without making the hair terribly knotted. prepare yourself for my giant post sleep braid fluffball of hair..


here is how i braid my hair, please excuse the corset i had just done a video showing how to lace myself up and my back was hurting so i left it on to ease the pain. i know its weird but it really helps immensely.


here is my video where i answer some of the questions that poured in, and i also very firmly point out that it is not a fetish thing, and to please stop sending me fetish questions.. i was a little annoyed by then as i was getting truly disgusting messages sent to me nearly every day. but i do touch on why i have long hair, and on my deep conditioning product.


a hair shortening updo. if you cant figure out why someone would want to look like their hair is shorter for the day then your hair isnt long enough.

this updo looks great as sailormoon odango pigtails on children or even on the adventurous fully grown anime lover


my long hair routine video.