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here is my very first food video, i call it strawberry dorm cake.

the reason its called dorm cake is because its made in the microwave, which is more common in dorm rooms than an oven is. i thought of naming it summer cake because it wont heat up the house like baking a cake in summer in the oven would.

you need for this recipe:
    1. box of strawberry cake mix
    2. everything called for on the back of the box
    3. honey
    4. strawberry preserves/jam
    5. water
    6. strawberry jello (you can use vegan jello if you want like agar agar)
    7. cool whip like stuff (i used stop and shop offbrand kind)

for thicker jam filling use no water at all and the entire thing of jello mix per 18oz jar of jam.. make sure to let it set up before putting the second cake layer on..


here is an old one for my nonnie's smooshed bread pinwheels

smooshed bread pinwheels, so easy kids can make them.. in fact i made them myself a6 6 years old.. 


here is my oatmeal pie recipe, the crust i used was too deep so it looks a little funny, but it was on sale so whatever. you cant use a deep dish pie crust with this recipe or yours will look like mine. this recipe is best served warm for brunch, it is good with whipped cream and is VERY filling. its a frugal special occasion food.

its not an especially pretty dish like this but you can take powdered sugar and a stencil to pretty it up a bit. it really is delicious. like a giant super soft oatmeal cookie.. you must have milk with this as its standard procedure with anything that tastes like an oatmeal cookie.

you need to preheat the oven to 375

you need
1 pie crust (not the deep dish variety unless you double the recipe)

2/3 cups of brown sugar
1/3 cup melted butter (unsalted)
2 eggs
1 cup oatmeal
dash of salt
1/3 cup honey (or a nice big squeeze of the container)

combine ingredients and pour into pie crust. bake for 40 minutes but check at 36 minutes as oven temperatures cant be relied on and burnt crust doesn't taste good. take it out when the crust looks golden brown and delicious..

make sure to wait a while before eating it as you could burn yourself badly if you skip this step..



this is the most amazing and easy food you will ever make

coconut butter costs about 10$ in the store, however you can make it at home for 2$. 2$ and 12 minutes of time.

you need:
unsweetened dry coconut flakes
a blender

if you dont want it to harden as hard as chocolate mix in some oil

for chocolate coconut butter or chocolate candies, mix in melted chocolate, then pour into molds for a chocolate coconut delight. perfect for home made easter baskets or valentines day. it costs less than chocolate so its good for extending chocolate farther for more candy for the dollar.

sugar or salt can be added for flavor

ive heard good things about adding cocoa powder and sugar

what you can do with it:

add a bit to either a chocolate cake batter (melted with the oil) or even a yellow cake batter for a coconut cake. ive also heard of it being added to chocolate cookies.

drizzle it on stuff, such as certain squashes, you can also drizzle sweetened coconut butter on top of chocolate bundt cake as icing, for this add powdered sugar to the melted coconut butter

use in the making of frostings as a flavor enhancer.

this is a raw food and is vegan, im not vegan but a lot of people are.